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Discography : Sleaze Records
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Andre Crom - Rhea EP
RELEASE DATE : 6th November 2017
Andre Crom makes his debut on Sleaze Records with a diverse 4 tracker of banging techno. Rhea kicks things off with an unsettling and energetic unquantised synth hook, slammed on a tight 909 beat. Pandora is a more straight affair, a heavily delayed chord meets overdriven drums to form a bigroom techno bomb. Phoebe again starts with an intense drum pattern, but then takes things into a deeper direction with its dreamy pad sequence. Finally, Tethys closes the EP, as an even more mental counterpart to 'Rhea' relying on similar drums, but introducing a tripped out synth hook and otherwordly textures and FX swooshes.


1 : Andre Crom - Rhea (Original Mix)
2 : Andre Crom - Pandora (Original Mix)
3 : Andre Crom - Phoebe (Original Mix)
4 : Andre Crom - Tethys (Original Mix)
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