Discography : Sleaze Records
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Simone Tavazzi - Fragment EP
RELEASE DATE : 15th May 2017
Simone Tavazzi is back on Sleaze with a bang! We have been following his music for a long time and it's great to have him back on board. He's been in great form the past year, with big EP's released on MB Elektronics, Planet Ryhthm & Unknown Territory. This EP is definitely one of his best, featuring two main peak time efforts Fragment & Risk, a more spacey, broken beat vibe on Antiphase, finishing with a beatless soundscape Texture One.



1 : Simone Tavazzi - Fragment (Original Mix)
2 : Simone Tavazzi - Risk (Original Mix)
3 : Simone Tavazzi - Antiphase (Original Mix)
4 : Simone Tavazzi - Texture One (Original Mix)
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