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Discography : Sleaze Records
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Bas Mooy - Bleeds & Shanks
RELEASE DATE : 10th November 2014
Bas Mooy steps up for his debut EP, after his superb rework of Hans Bouffmyhre's Easy Meat track last year. Bleeds & Shanks are both upfront, no nonsense techno tracks with a raw distorted vibe. For remixes we have two Glasgow based artists! Firstly, Hans returns the favour with a bass heavy and hypnotic remix of Bleeds. Edit Select makes his first appearence on Sleaze after his flawless album on Prologue Music. He does what he knows best with a deep, druggy remix of Bleeds.


1 : Bas Mooy - Bleeds (Original Mix)
2 : Bas Mooy - Bleeds (Hans Bouffmyhre Remix)
3 : Bas Mooy - Shanks (Original Mix)
4 : Bas Mooy - Shanks (Edit Select Remix)
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